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    GoatApocalypse wrote:

    Shit, didn't see this before my insensitive-as-fuck post. Sorry man.

    Does NZ have planning departments?
    No worries, all good. You've been through some crappy jobs recently too IIRC.

    They do, but the problem is that heritage is a much smaller sector than in the UK, and I'm a little hamstrung by the fact that I'm only self-taught as far as NZ heritage goes. I can rectify that, I guess I just need to get my foot in the door. I'm a bit limited by visa conditions ATM too. I'm also doubly pissy because there's loads of graduate analysts and interns here doing far more interesting stuff than I am and not doing it very well and it's making me feel like an underachiever :D

    I'll just have to be positive like Jambo said. NZ is much more open to giving people a go at things, so you never know what I'll get. Plus the job market will get much better in the new year.
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