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    RyanDS wrote:
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    They(councils) make it bastard hard to do that as well.
    Freinds who have been trying for 3 years say... (2 separate couples)

    -Rejected because they could not contact an ex from 9 years ago. (all ex partners have to be interviewed)
    -Rejected as mother wants to go to work after 9 months maternity. They were told that they can only adopt if she gives up work.
    -Rejected as over 35. (They are 36) Apparently they are too old to have kids.

    And so on.
    Ryan, as someone who adopted a little boy just over 3 years ago, aged >35 (me and the missus, not the boy!!) I can tell you that there are other avenues...
    I can't comment on the first point about the ex, but it depends how seriously the two were together.
    Point 2 - my wife went back to work after 12 months with no problem. Also, circumstances change, both ways. Your wife might decide she doesn't want to go back to work. Equally, you could tell the agency that she won't go back and then your financial circumstances change and she *has* to go back.
    Point 3 - that's simply bullshit. As I said, me and the missus were over 35 when we started the adoption process.

    My first tip would be to contact Coram - they are an adoption charity based in London and from my experience they are awesome.

    If you want to talk more, PM me.
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