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    Bremenacht wrote:
    Ummmmmmm, yes. Yes, you do.

    Best of all, a new generation of vizzinis, calgons and smellys are now 12 years old and wish to share their opinion with you and everyone else. :)

    I think the fanboys have moved onto twitter and whatnot, so maybe dull old gaming sites will be spared.
    I suppose the forum would be slightly less interesting without vizzini and his PhD in ps3 architecture :p

    Maybe I'm just getting old and jaded but I need to see some games before I'll get excited about the next gen. For me, I've never really gotten into new generations until I see something that stands out. For the N64, it was Hyrule field on Zelda: OoT, GTA3's streets on the PS2 and Oblivion's forests on the xbox 360.

    I'm sorry but I don't understand why people seem to be getting off on these meaningless unconfirmed specifications. Specs don't mean anything without the software to back it up. Look at the vita - amazing machine but it needs more games.

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