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  • guts 11 Mar 2013 22:56:27 1,692 posts
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    Fucking fuck off Facebook games! I am glad that so many more people have rediscovered the joy of gaming, but those games are pants and for mugs.

    I am also filled with bitter annoyance at the irony of these CandyCrackWhores wasting their lives playing these dreadful timesinks having given me years of snotty disdain for my videogaming habits, which were far more constructive. Most of the time.
    Tru dat, my missus would try and belittle me for playing online with friends. Normally games like medal of honor or Forza with my headphones with 'Madonna mic'. I would normally put the xbox on when she is on the pc, on facebook, playing farmville... move cursor, click to sow, move cursor, click to sow, move cursor, click to sow... hmmm, so much interaction and socialness going on there then.
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