#2379890, By Tezzer So if "God" does exist, who created Him?

  • Tezzer 24 Jun 2007 12:41:18 144 posts
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    This question can never be answered only logical arguments and conclusion can be put forward but these always meet counter arguments,
    iv been going through stuff like this for the last two years since i did Philosophy and Ethics for A-level for same reason (maybe I found it was easy to egta good grade)

    If you really wanna know more pick up a philosopy,ethics,religous studies text book but all u get is this philosopher says this but this philosopher coutner it by...
    But dont think about it too much, if u believe in God dont bother questioning god, if u dont well dont what does it matter

    Its somthign we will never be able to verify until were dead, and even then we cant do anything bout it cause we'll be dead
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