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  • DanDanDanDan 26 Jun 2007 20:53:14 72 posts
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    I've tried reading all them posts up there and it's got me head in mess, and I've got a Airport Express.

    Just buy one, they're mint.

    I use mine with me broadband. It's plugged directly into my cable modem thingy from Telewest/Virgin and provides wireless access for the whole flat.

    I also use Airfoil. With that I can stream music from any source on my Mac to the Airport Express. So I get iTunes, input from my decks, last.fm, all of that, straight through to my stereo.

    I've been considering using Clicker to remote control iTunes so I don;t have to walk, ooooh, 5 metres to change a track but I'm a) too cheap to buy it, because b) my phone doesn't support it.
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