#2394397, By Junglist95 Really fancy an XBOX360

  • Junglist95 29 Jun 2007 07:22:55 26 posts
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    Go fot it dude, yes they may break down, the only downside wondering if you'll see the red ring of death every time you switch it on, (but what more do you expect from Microsoft, if you own Windows you should be used to this kinda shit (OSX rules), buy from a shop & you can always change it without any hassle. The extended warranty sounds like a good idea, i wish i'd brought 1 with my 360, its cheaper than the 80 Microsoft will charge when your 1 year guarantee runs out.

    At the end of the day the games speak for themselves and theres no other system at the minute with as many quality fun games already out & in the pipeline, it'd be a shame to miss out just cause of the hardware reliabilty, & don't worry about setting up live it really is a piece of piss.

    I would avoid buying a 2nd hand machine from ebay or out of a newspaper, it may not have alot of life left in it & your shagged if it goes pop.
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