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  • roywheels 14 Dec 2008 09:05:33 22 posts
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    Pistol does indeed kill in one shot on expert but only for head shots.

    Actually, I've been a bit obsessed with shooting zombie heads. It's so satisfying to use the assault rifle on a horde, spraying zombie goo everywhere as their heads go pop pop pop. Point blank shotgun to the cranium is also lovely. Splat!

    Now the game has been out for a few weeks I've noticed that some people are being very dull in a few games I've been part of. They play it with no communication with their fellow team mates, just going through the motions of the minimum team play needs (melee a hunter, shoot a smoker etc) but never anything else. Why oh why? It's like playing with bots. Surely the fun is in communication, planning, accidents, sharing, warning each other of dangers and generally having a laugh with random people, not just playing for frags and stats.
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