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    Several easy ways to score.

    1 on1 is all about timing, try the following techniques and try to learn the timing on them.

    Semi-tapping LT+B gives you a great lob, which is often an easy way to score if the goalie comes at you. You can just quick tap this, if the goalie is right next to you and about to throw himself on the ball.

    Lobbing also seems to be the best move from angels if your reasonably close (like 5-10metres from goal )

    Other 1on 1 tactics i use:

    Round the keeper, simlply turn 90degrees (or sometimes even 135 degrees away from the goalie) to either right or left and your free on goal.

    Tapping B (NO finesse, finesse sucks from upclose imo) and aiming to one of the sides when close. Add gradually more power the further away from goal and goalie you are.

    Another goal tip.

    I can usually score 50% of all my shots from about 20-25 metres from goal. This i do by shooting at 50 or so % power with finesse, but make sure all your shots are made at an angle (so they dont go straight at the goalie), if done right, you will be putting the ball in the top corners of the goal very often.
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