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    Roast Rib of beef >>>>> anything else

    Properly roasted 20 mins 220 (200 fan) then 15 mins per 450g @ 160 (140 fan) with a 30 minutes rest under tin foil before eating. It's like a super flavoured rare rib eye but a 3rd cheaper.

    The inside is raw but oh so moist n juicy from all the fat, you can cut big slabs of it (non of this wafer thin business) as it literally just melts in your mouth.

    A 1.25 kg Rib will feed 2 with enough the next day for a cold beef n chips (scraped then par boiled some new pots. Used the solid fat from last nights rib to shallow fry them in a wok with salt n pepper ~ Lard fried chips with crispy fat bits ..... so so Northern and tasty! or really top notch sandwiches.

    You can't buy this in supermarkets as they are the tat purveyors of doom!!!!

    Fresh horse radish source too wizz up add double cream, white wine vinegar, mustard powder and season to taste! So easy but so great \o/

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