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    Ginger wrote:
    otto wrote:
    Very entertaining stuff. So enlighten me, KOS means 'kill on sight' right? And in EVE, is death permanent? Summary justice! Ace. Almost makes me want to start playing.

    Unfortunately not, it's just inconvenient and you don't lose anything apart from pride and a bit of cash. The cash at least can be earned again, but some poeple can't take the shame of being killed.

    Things have since changed, after Implants (things that increase your character attributes, cannot be removed once plugged in).

    I know Errol/NM has at least an Intelligence Implant (though judging by his behaviour it isn't working) installed, possibly others too.

    So if Nicholas is killed:

    Cost of a new Intel Implant at least 12 million.
    Cost of a new clone maybe 2 million.
    Cost of his uninsured (he always took pride in never insuring it) Moa cruiser 7.5-8 million.

    So, kill him once and he loses more than he stole:-D

    /goes to his Agent and chooses "Locate person, any region"

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