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    @DodgyPast I'm playing. Restarted about 18 months ago following a 4-year break. A lot has changed. Loads of quality of life improvements, changes to player structures (POS are pretty much abandoned as permanent homes, there are citadels now which are a lot easier to manage) and lots of new ship types and activities.

    There's been power creep, especially in the Null-Sec blocs. Titans are ten a penny, there are still massive alliances out there (Goonswarm, TEST etc) Goons got kicked out of their traditional home, and there's currently a lot of NS conflict related to that.

    Not sure where you'd want to go. There are big NS groups like Pandemic Horde who are pretty relaxed about membership. WH space has quite a few corps like Lazerhawks and Holesale who control & hunt in a lot of the C5 - C6 systems.

    PvE-wise, Incursions are one of the biggest developments. They are fleet-based activities (the higher end sites need 30-40 ships) driven by Battleships and supported with Logi ships. I did that to grind up a bit of ISK - pays at 120-140m an hour for pretty safe activity. The most accessible group is called Warp To Me, they have their own forums etc.

    Hope that helps.
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