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  • ariel-acterus 18 Jan 2004 18:45:10 7 posts
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    It was a trap!

    Someone tipped them off as there were enemy ships in just the right gates to get us. We suffered heavy losses. It was just like a film.
    The big guns were jumping gates with no probs, but the miners and haulers were ambushed when they went through.
    Lost my cruiser and got podded - but it was great fun.
    I distinctly remember one of my corp mates (a miner) at a gate in a cruiser shooting misiles (his only defence) at 3 battleships.
    He died of course but bought enough time for the haulers to get away.

    Everyone was fully insured and had up to date clones so we didn't really 'lose' anything and provided some great entertainment for us and our adversaries.

    Shame u couldn't make it boys, it was good fun!

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