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    bainbrge wrote:
    what has happened to all the old timers like JC, Mingster, Lou Subia etc.? Have most people left the game?

    I'm really glad to see it looking successful; I haven't played a PC game properly since I cancelled my account!

    All gone. Lou left the game in December (but I recall him saying he's still paying his sub), JC and Mingster in January. sheepfish and chimp-hustler are gone as well too.

    Some of them did PROMISE to come back some day, but we'll see.

    otto, I did go looking for Errol a couple of times (as two different characters too), once he warped away as soon as I saw him, the other time he never undocked from the station. And I'm not good at waiting.

    But I'll get him if I get the chance... for old times sake:-D

    He did boast he was coming over to fight CA in one of the "m0o vs. CA" threads...
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