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    Velios wrote:
    No apologies needed Jazz, I must admit to being shocked at your departure to Celestial, Only in the last few weeks since we have buils BS for all the guys are we starting to really come together as a group, and it will be fun meeting you on the battlefield.

    Makes it more exciting to think that we will meet in a combat situation soon and there will be a more personal element to it :) best of luck.

    I heard that Obi already came accross you by chance at an old M.Corp safespot and that there was a brief moment of intensity between you.

    M.Corp have recently been defending our station against the Xanadu corp. They are a large corp but in one particular skirmish (3 on 3 battleships) that I was involved in we ganked the hell out of them - I was pleased with our group performance :)

    BP sales are also funding the corp insurance ladder - once you are insured and in the ship theres no risk anymore and we can enjoy combat safe in the knowledge that there will be no long faces if it all goes tits up.

    Big, regarding whos winning - it seems CA are consolidating thir position in the curse heartlands and allowing celest and their associated corps to wander up the corridor as far as E02. This does cause a few problems to those that would like safe passage to empire but with the right info and instajumps it is perfectly possible.

    If propeganda from within CA is to believed then Celestial Apocalypse will soon want reconsider their invasion of CA space as their losses mount up. Having said that they are making a very impressive stand for a lone corp though they do appear to have 2-3 principal allies hanging onto their coat tails.

    Its all good :)

    Agreed, all good.

    Our Kill-to-Death ratio is quite good, but then again every loss hurts more since most of us don't have any regular sources of income.

    In fact, if you type "mining" on the corp forums, it's turned into "the vile 'm' word" :-D

    Quite frankly I haven't seen any of our allies in GW since last week end. Reikoku seem to have pulled back to fight a war in Venal.

    Nice to hear you're doing well, on the battle field as well. Xanadu are fighting a long way from home, they'll probably retreat fairly soon.

    I did run into old Obi at a safe spot, I'd totally forgotten he'd given me that. I only had a few safe spots to begin with, and the one in B-vip I'd remade just to be sure. I'm just glad I wasn't afk when he showed up. I don't think I shot at him though.

    I met him again today just before downtime in fact. I was looking for a fight in B-vip, chasing Mok'tel in his Scorpion, when Obi showed up. Mok target jammed me and they both started lobbing missiles at me, and I had to sit there and take it... because my back-up was on the other side of the gate. Long story short, Obi had to watch as me and Shadowthrone ripped Mok's Scorp apart (for some reason he stopped target jamming me, may have run out of cap or something). Once again, I didn't shoot at Obi this time either... because I had a short range set-up:-D

    Who knows, we may see each other in battle some day soon. I sure hoped I'm tanked that day 'cos I have a feeling I'll be targetted first:-D (actually, "we" fought "you" today already. Poor Jai lost his Apoc to Jet's Typhoon and supporting Interceptors in Sl-y... but then again he had three Bships so he should be fine, right?)
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