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  • Huggybear 20 May 2004 12:18:27 1,425 posts
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    Nooooo... top secret technology and we didn't get it?

    Seems like M.corp is getting back into fighting for the Great Wildlands, or e02 at least.

    This morning you lost three Cruisers and someone from Shinra lost an Apoc.

    Just now we lost a Megathron in a fight which involved Moe and Busra, some other frigs and Cruisers and three CA battleships. We had two BS and a cruiser. I got away with a guilty conscience:-/

    Although it seems that some (I don't mean you) CA members (and some Zombie too) have started using a "log on at the other side of the gate and jump in" -tactic, which while not being an exploit (yet), isn't exactly in the spirit of fair play either since it makes it impossible to use the map to assess the situation beforehand... (and we're not just imagining it, since you can see people log on if you have them in your address book)
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