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    Velios wrote:
    I can neither confirm or deny what Jai may have said as he was being ripped to shreds, what is certain is that there is intelligence flowing right from within CA to our opponents ears - just the merest mention of a large CA push towards E02 is resulting in mass log offs from our waiting enemies - security of ops is being tightened.

    You are right about the safety issue in a BS though Jazz, you only go thtough E02 if you are going to fight or you have good intel the system is not camped.

    Yes - we are taking a few cruiser losses, but I must say that for every rupture we loose we have taken down a number of the so called "elite" frigates. Lets just say that the factories in Unertek are very busy and I have enlisted two corporations to mine for us in empire space.

    The secret technology had to be abandoned in E02 for fear of it being scattered on the way through to 1V- so if you see me in E02 tonight just wonder at what my cargo bay may contain as I head to the safety of Tabithas Topless Table Dancing station... Motions are afoot to open a permanent corp office facility in E02 and this will help our effort in that area.

    Yeah, I'm sure you don't actually lose a penny when you lose a Cruiser, since you can make them very cheap yourselves. So you can get very cost-effective kills with them.

    Well, others may have inside intel from the CA, but to be honest if we do, I get it second hand. We mostly just use the map, which unfortunately doesn't work that well these days. And I've never been in e02 in a situation when we've logged off because of an incoming force, no matter what the CA Forum Warriors say. Better to see who/what it is before deciding whether to fight or not.

    It seems Zombie got bored of fighting EV and have returned to Egbinger and B-vip, and you have to be very careful with them because of their nasty log-on trap tactics:-(

    I remember you bidding for an office in e02. Have you managed to buy one? I just happen to have lab slot there, how much would you pay for it? :-P

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