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    Velios wrote:
    Oh Jazz... Are Celestial Apocalypse going to be attacking Zombie then? seeing as you are the numero uno pirate fighting force?

    ...thought not

    /Jazz Bo's Insult-o-Sense is tingling

    Of course we'll attack them! I'll log on right now and go for them! Chaaaaaaaarge!

    Come on Lou, you know you want to... (Zond3's still in M.corp, even if he doesn't log on that often these days). And yea, the 6 month rule should still apply. Pay for a month, being in M.corp and the Curse Alliance is more exciting (and deadly) than Incom was (not that Incom wasn't great of course!).

    EDIT: Ship insurance is now 12 (twelve) weeks, so you don't have to play as actively anymore to keep your finances in balance.

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