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    Nemesis wrote:
    One that makes me some money!

    I'm quite happy at the moment mining and getting into haulage. I'm still pretty new with it, to be honest.

    Just been upping my skills on basic stuff such as attributes and kitting out the Imicus with the microdrive/mining II lasers and, er, that's pretty much it.

    Where to go, what to do....I'm getting my arse kicked even in the .9 and .8 systems so I keep having to run away.

    What was your ingame name?

    If you need equipment or isk for a new frigate don't hesitate to ask.

    Also, if you have trouble finding a nice corp, have a look in the "Corporations and Factions" folder, there are usually some large corps hiring. Larger might equal better, since they're more likely to have players that are at your level ingame and that you can relate to out-of-game as well.

    M.corp's always a good choice though.
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