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    Yes, the vid is a beaut. Best I've seen so far.

    /starts taunting

    But what's with these new corps CA has recruited? Like Hell's Bandidos and Heartvenom?

    We see them around B-vip and they can't fight for shit. Fed killed two of their Bships in a 1:2. Later Jarjar killed a Raven (whose other Raven we'd blown up not 24 hours earlier) and had 97% shields at the end of the fight.

    I blew up a Rifter at the gate in B-vip9 and the can it left contained some 300 Rockets (haven't seen rockets since I hunted frigs, never used them, thought no one uses them) and 100mm armor plates. His friend in a Vigil dropped two warp disruptors so I guess they were actually trying to kill someone...

    Oh and got two Zombie Scorpions today, so we're not in league with them (nyah nyah!), although CA now appears to have a NAP with them?

    e02 has more Xetic/SA/Celes than CA at all times these days. You need to send the HLw blob up there to fight!

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