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    Ginger wrote:
    just solo'ed my first BS spawn in PF-346 in a taranis. Loads of cash, but bugger all decent loot.

    Ah well, hoping to join a new corp soon to get some frigate on frigate action.

    Ooh, nice.

    Try killing a Guristas spawn with a Taranis though... for that you need a Crow.

    I'll try taking on some Angel Bships once I get my Crow sometime next week.

    You should consider joining Celest, we always need more Frig/Inty pilots. Plenty of annoying frigs buzzing around and past us all the time. Just be prepared to lose a few (although we do get special prices on them), since you'd have to do Bship tackling on a regular basis as well.

    Although I don't think we're officially recruiting in the Euro timezone atm.

    Oh, and you NEED Teamspeak.

    Anyone heard from Trell recently?
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