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    I resubbed last night as well after a break of 2 years. Like Pompeybear I have a few ships dotted around as well as thousands of, no doubt, obsolete stuff. Lots of things have changed which is not surprising but has also put me in the "its all a bit daunting" mood.

    I see they've removed all the learning skills. What is the deal with certificates? Couldn't really fathom it out. Rigging was all a bit new when I left last time and haven't got to grip with that at all.

    My old reliable trading commodity has changed in price and size so that is out the window as well. My space trucking days are probably over anyway so looking for a bit of scrapping either PvE or PVP or incursions? Not sure how they work either.

    So much to learn so hope you don't mind me annoying you on the eurogamer channel. Took my old cruiser out for a wee spin and was podded after about 10 jumps as soon as I went into riskier 0.3 sec. The game seems a lot more populated than a while ago.

    Forgot how stunning the game looks. I tried Star Trek Online for a bit but EVE blows it out the water in depth and looks. Good to be back, I'll see how long that lasts after being podded for the umpteenth time :)

    Hopefully see you guys in space sometime.
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