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    I actually don't see why a track creator couldn't be included. If the assets are optimized and they will be as they're included in the shipped tracks ffs, then anything's possible. Now, although were talking about two different ends of the spectrum here, but ModNationRacer has show how easy it is to create tracks and within their system you have all the additional pick ups, animations, jumps etc. that will occupy quite a bit of processor time, and yet you're still able to do some quite sophisticated creation. One of the things I was most impressed by, with MNR's editor tools, was the fine tuning system. While laying down track in broad strokes is perfectly serviceable, the ability to tweak cambers and specific sections of the tracks dimensions etc. was excellent IMO. Add to that the idea of a LVL / Course 'thermometer' as in LBP and you can easily envisage a 'sophisticated' track editor shipping with GT5.

    I'd be very surprised, given Polophony's track record and anal tendencies, if whatever form the editor takes it isn't well considers, executed and compelling to boot.
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