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    djronz wrote:
    Syrok wrote:
    djronz wrote:
    anyone got any tips for the online challenges with nascars on the nurburgring? car is insainly fast but i can only manage 11th place! its extremely hard to memorise the track on this circuit too as it all looks the same. some mega money up for grabs if i can get up the positions!

    Just had a look and found these settings:

    TCS - 1
    ABS - 1
    Active Steering - Mild
    Skid recovery - On.

    Front Aero - 50
    Rear Aero - 70
    Transmission - 380km/h

    those settings work a treat,cheers.

    Really quite easy to win with those settings.

    cheers syrok, easy to win ? really? i'll try that out.

    Those settings work a treat,cheers.
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