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  • Milk 18 Feb 2011 07:13:09 2,253 posts
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    The update is out apparently.

    copy and pasted from GT planet -

    - "arcade only" car order swapped
    - camber setting in the course maker
    - car ballast adjustment
    - fuel depletion and tyre wear can be turned off in on-line mode
    - fully adjustable gear ratios
    - increased xp for races
    - multi-monitor support
    - multi select (car garage, photo album, replay theatre)
    - new filters in the on-line lobbies
    - new pre-gt life cut-scenes
    - notification for already purchased cars in the dealership
    - on-line dealership has more cars
    - performance point system
    - power limiter on the tuning menu
    - races can be scheduled to start at a specific time
    - remote race icon below the lounge icon
    - restart race has a confirm menu
    - seasonal events with new created tracks
    - stick sensitivity option
    - tv camera when entering pits
    - you can choose different tires for front and rear
    - you can use course maker tracks on-line
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