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    Maturin wrote:
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    Any advice for GT n00b?
    Try some of the seasonal events. They give more money and XP and will help you get into the game quicker than the grind of A-spec. Though you may need to do a little bit of A-spec to get a good vehicle for a seasonal event.
    This, IMO, is one of the best things about GT and for me, GT5 made things too easy.

    I loved the structure / balance of the earlier games, where you'd spend a long time with a single car, buying the cheapest upgrades, a little at a time to improve your chances as the Sunday / Clubman cups etc. progressed.

    That connection with a single car(s) was missing from GT5, for me. There we're a few cars I stuck with and eventually Race Modified but I do miss the grind and eventual feeling of actually having earned a new car, for the cycle to begin again.
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