#2470137, By Bru-Man Harry potter and the order of the phoenix

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    The more I think about the film, the more questions and niggly bits annoy me actually:

    1. After blanking Cho for thinking she dobbed on the "secret" group, they of course discover she was potioned up to confess. Why no reconciliation scene afterwards? After all the set up and chat about her and Harry (and the kiss) there is nothing. Not even a "Hey Cho, it's OK, I know you were drugged. Still friends?"

    2. How come no-one has said anything to Draco, or at least been some fallout from it, that his dad is CLEARLY working for Lord Voldemort? Loads of people are witness now. Harry has never mentioned it, none of the teachers have ever mentioned it. Seems odd.

    3. I feel sorry for Ginny, she obviously likes Harry :(
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