#6486352, By Xephon1970 Who owns all 3 'next gen' consoles and how did you manage it?

  • Xephon1970 25 Aug 2010 12:46:24 28 posts
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    Current gen - PS3 60GB, 360 Elite, PSP Base.

    Started off with a Wii to celebrate my new job, then a launch Elite 6 months later, then the 60GB PS3 after they announced they were going to stop making them. Also been through a DS Lite and then a DSi.

    The DSi was the first to go, fun at first, it gathered dust. Same with the Wii, loved Zelda, Zack & Wiki and not much else. Wii went in January last year.

    I'm a hoarder/collector though - I have a 2 PS2's (one original, chipped, one Slim), a PSone, a crystal Xbox, black GameCube, a GBA SP, 2 Dreamcast's (one PAL, one Japanese black R7), two Saturn's (one white Japanese, and a grey JVC version), an N64, a Mega Drive II plus Mega CD II...most are still set up under the telly should I fancy a blast. Truth be told, most of the older stuff is going on ebay soon, really don't need two Saturns!
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