#2438442, By Evil_Moe Secret hobbies you're slightly ashamed of

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    So you like to wear Stormtrooper outfits, you're scared of moths, freaking out like a big girl's blouse if they move near you, yet you also say you don't like to tell people you post on a video game forum because it might be embarrassing!

    :) Yep.

    Growing up as a skinny indy arty farty student, things like being scared of moths aren't embarrassing, having muscles is embarrassing. :)

    Seriously, I genuinely would like a Stormtrooper outfit! I don't know why, maybe it's because I grew up with Star Wars. The Stormtrooper gear is kind of design Icon. It's perfect, timeless, and beautiful. I guess being a designer, it has a kind of importance and influence to me.

    Some of my friends - the more 'lad' mates would think it was hilarious, where-as others I - ie the designers/creative types, I know for a fact, will/would be dead jealous.

    If I can make it financially viable - my best mates mum has a fancy dress shop - I'm going to be getting a couple. \o/

    I'm the same with lego. I can't fucking wait till my son is old enough for big boys Lego. :)

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