#2442907, By muftak BBC Confims No PS3 Price Drop

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    presbyterrorion wrote:
    I don't think they can afford to wait that long. I think they have to drop the price significantly by Christmas, or risk seeing a large chunk of their ps2 userbase, a lot of whom have been sitting on the fence up to now, defecting to the 360 camp, with it's game lineup getting stronger all the time. That could end up determining the outcome of the console war.

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    You gotta be kidding this so called war (i really do hate this terminology ) will not be over by Christmas it wont be over till the end of this cycle and seeing sony always keeps there machines running for 10 years you will see them for the win

    With Nintendo's limited system life (most console they made only last for 4 to 5 years) don't know about M$ i guess they might be 5 year as well never seen sony dump their last system 1 year after new system release .

    plus all these PS2 user base will have a shed load of games so wont see them swapping over to the other side.

    Still makes me wonder where all this M$ love came from they are the worlds most hated company.
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