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  • marcsony 4 Jun 2008 19:00:29 15 posts
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    Hey guys just flicking through my oldskool collection and came across a few ps1 wipeout games thought i give em a quick blast to get a feel for HD (when they get round to dropping it) so in they went had a good hour or so of classic gaming and came to notice under the music section of the cross bar the little disc icon had a look and found on both wipeout 2097 and wip3out you can rip the music off the ps1 disc on to your HDD same as you would a normal cd. I know this aint for everyone and i know not everyone has still got these games but for those who have and if its true what they say about HD having custom soundtrack its a nice touch for those who remember the old days of wipeout. sorry if this is old news but its new to me and i did do a search.
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