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  • 3william56 26 Nov 2008 07:53:32 45 posts
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    Thank bl**dy god for V1.2 - might let my cursed old man fingers get me beyond Campaign 6. Kept it quiet thought - would have thought they'd publicise fixing the only major b*tch in the game for those put off by the reviews of killer difficulty spikes. And done nicely too - to keep the achievement of the L33ts like saku_luk (freeeeeek! :p) but give the rest of us numpties a sense of progress whilst still having something to aim for eventually.

    Pity the patch didn't spread the Race difficulty out more -doesn't seem to have affected it (it's strange, but I do better in Skilled than Novice in races, and can't figure out why - something to do with excessive AI weapon use maybe). But an easier run through the endless time trials is a blessing. Might someday get to see Sol2 reverse after all.

    Makes it a much better game overall and eliminates the only really major flaw - sneaking mighty close to 10/10 territory now. Start those downloadable tracks coming (Gare d'Europa first please), and it's the definitive wipEout for sure.
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