#2455382, By Aiai VGA better than component?

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    Yeah... I did mean... VGA to DVI.. and then DVI to HDMI... Missed out the middle part!!!

    Ahab wrote:
    Aiai wrote:
    Unforutnatly my LCD telly does not have a VGA connection. Just multiple HDMI and component. I have thought abouy buying a VGA - HMDI adapter and using it via that.

    Do you think that would be better than component??... as im happy with th picture as it is.

    There's no "VGA-HDMI adapter", you have to convert the analogue signal to digital, it's probably not worth it if you buy some cheap stuff (and if you're thinking of vga -> dvi -> hdmi, it won't work). On the other hand, you can buy scalers that do that, and if you buy a good one, it might produce a better picture. They cost way too much though.

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