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    I am 6'1, roughly 146 pounds, so a BMI of 19.3. I think I am relatively fit. I run 5km in under twenty minutes maybe twice a week, I am a member of a gym, I can do thirty or so push ups with my nose touching the floor, I cycle everywhere and I play football for a team. I eat extremely well, practically no sugar, not a lot of fat, lots of salads and fish and pasta and other typically healthy food stuff. I am not however satisfied with my body, mainly with what is a rather large gut and bum. If this seems impossible considering my weight then it's explained by my disproportionate body, my gangly arms and legs.

    I think I have become this disproportionate mess because of a previous medical condition, an [link=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insulinoma">insulinoma, a tumour in the pancreas which secretes insulin causing blood sugar to drop indefinitely to dangerously low
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