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    Destria wrote:
    FHUTA wrote:
    nice one - shame about being penalised for going rogue - especially as I guess you must've been hoofin' it at the front to lead others astray and have no-one to follow!

    incidentally, there's a BMF thread on here - though granted it's not had any posts in a little bit.

    Yeah, I was at the front at the time. They just said "Right... 7 minutes for you then", despite people that the "splinter faction" was ahead of coming in at around 6:30.

    I was banking on the run to offset the sheer crappiness of my press-ups.

    And I might wait 'til I get home to google "greasing the groove" :)

    Incidentally - is it a lack of ability to do lots of press-ups, or a dificulty doing them after a 1500m run?

    My first fitness assessment was probably the first time I'd run that distance in as long as I can remember and had no idea of pacing (and got a time of 7:17 - I think), but was fine at press-ups which I was ok at anyway.

    Second fitness assesment two months later and I got my run down to 6minutes dead and was pretty pleased, but it left me shattered and so my press-ups straight after dropped a fair bit.

    So even though it's a "test" and is supposed to be done at max effort all the way through, adjusting your pacing in the run might improve your later numbers?? - depending on what your issue with pressups is of course.
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