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    Kensei wrote:
    Mm, I need to some how build up my stamina in preparation for my next kickboxing grading (7 x 2-3 min rounds)

    Apart from doing the obvious (going to more sparring classes), anyone have any suggestions for increasing stamina? I don't have a gym membership, never needed one, so I am looking for things I can do either at home or in a park

    Interval sprints of some sort.
    Do some tabatas: 8 sets of 20 seconds flatout and 10 seconds rest. (must be flat-out to work properly as that's only three minutes of max effort after all)

    Fight time based intervals - so in your case 3 minutes high intensity - but not sprinting - running (or skipping or heavy bag work) and one minutes rest for 8 rounds (one more round then you're training for)

    Hill sprints: Sprint up hill, jog back down and repeat

    Adding a tabata, a fight time interval workout and - depending on your other training demands - maybe a 3 to 5 mile jog a week should boost your sparring cardio.

    good luck with it!
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