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    I switched to a Starting Strength style approach past summer, combined with MMA practice, and I like it so far. Lifting twice and MMA two or three times a week. I have managed to progress decently on the lifts and gained about three or four kilos in five monts or so. My squat has gone from about 80 kg for five reps to 112,5X5 Not nearly as good as if I would have done SS strictly, but still far better than when faffing about with random machienes earler.
    This is the program I'm dying to start but it's next to impossible to do at my gym. It's insanely busy, and with 1 squat rack, an hour workout will turn into 2. Might try setup a home gym during the spring.
    That sucks, especially since one of the things I really like about the program is that, if everything works as planned, it's pretty quick. Usually between 30 minutes and 45 minutes. Maybe an houtr if I add some assistance exercises.
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