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    Psychotext wrote:
    Getting back to the serious weights next month... anyone got any suggestions on protein? I used to use Promax but that was a long time ago before Maximuscle became a fashion brand and put their prices through the roof (though they weren't exactly cheap back then).

    I know myprotein are good, but they've got about 30 different types available. Given I'm looking for unflavoured (adding it to food / shakes), can anyone make any suggestions out of these, which seem to be highly rated:

    Acid Whey
    Impact Whey
    Impact Whey Deluxe
    Impact Whey Isolate
    Total Milk & Whey
    Total Protein
    True Whey

    Looking at the site, I'd have said Total Protein was a good bet (it's a mix of fast, medium and slow absorbed proteins)... but it's so cheap that it makes me wonder what exactly is wrong with it.

    Any assistance greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)
    I've used the Impact Whey and Impact Whey Isolate, and unless you have issues with digestion then the regular seems good and decent value.

    I also buy their their Instant Milk Protein for slow release / night-time as it's better value than Cassien, but has a similar result (and tastes oddly like marshmellows when you get the vanilla flavour).

    To be honest though, the descriptions on the site are pretty good to work out what's what if you want a specific mix of fast / slow, with added digestive enzymes, or just a solid value option.
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