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    @richard, regarding cramp mate the only tips I can offer would be the following (and these aren't scientifically proven, just what's works for moi):

    - stretch before and after exercise

    - warm up, don't go straight into a sprint, and also cool down after exercise

    - I always do my cardio first, my muscles feel much weaker after a weight routine, as apposed to feeling tighter after cardio

    - Buy some isotonic powder and mix it at the gym, or buy a lucosade sport, these replenish the lost sodium, magnesium, etc

    On a different note, I've been having shoulder issues and was finding a lot of the gym equipment painful, so I tried swimming yesterday for the first time since 2001 and fuck me it's exhausting for a weight lifter! Going to keep it up though as I enjoyed it, did 15 lengths and I was knackard, next session I'm going to hit 20.

    Hitting the gym later tonight, then off my friends to order some bro'tein wooo!
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