#8410154, By Nath_monn Exercise advice and weight loss

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    THFourteen wrote:
    my advice would be to try and do cardio on a totally different day to your weights day if you are serious about GAINS GRRRR!

    someone talk me into going to the gym tonight, i'm feeling a bit run down and lazy, but i have only been twice this week
    You know if you go the gym you'll feel less run down and lazy, right? Well go son, those bro-ceps aren't going to pump them selfs!

    I broke a tooth the other day because the bus slammed its breaks on, and I slammed mouth on the hand rail in front, needless to say I was raging! Anywho after a small visit to the dentist, and a small work out after, I felt right as rain! If I'd have stayed in stewing in my rage it would have done me no good.

    Gyms for wins!!
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