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    @sport as I said I wasn't sure if scientifically proven, just what works for me, but then again I don't get stitch or cramp regardless of whether I drink a lucosade or not. But cheers for your knowledge you certainly seem to know your stuff.

    @psycho thanks for whacking the ON offer on here, I got to my friends last night after the gym/swimming, he wanted to order and I was going to stock up. The fuckers had reduced a load of items, so alas the 40% off Facebook code wouldn't work on what we wanted However I signed up again for the 3000 store points, and used the Reg01 code and it worked a treat, 40% off any item even reduced/sale stock!! Your a legend mate sorted us right out.

    @fourteen bet your glad you went now, If you hadn't you'd have missed an awesome work out. Mine was wicked yesterday, got great pumps, and worked my lats/back/bi's a treat followed by a few lengths

    Ugh I'm struggling to get the stingy-sleepy feeling outa my eyes, but as soon as I do it's breakfast time and straight the gym, I can hear the chest press calling my name

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