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    @psycho, is it the serious mass from ON doing it? My friend reported something similar when he used it. He said mixing it with water and drinking plenty during the day made the difference. He's since switched up to the pro complex gainer.

    @the dude saying he ain't aching, you must not be doing something right, I did squats Saturday and can still feel it in my legs.

    But anything else you should be doing, really depends on other factors, goals, diet, your weight etc ahead a little more light and we should be able to help you.

    In regards to lifting, lift slow and steady, try to pump/flex the muscle after the first section of the lift, and during the second half of the lift don't just throw it down, go slowly and try add some resistance this add extra strain on the muscle.

    I've had a day of rest today and I think my body is thankful for it, burnt the candle at both ends at the weekend so a day off from all exercise has been awesome!
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