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    @Aargh. Well, I do have the motivation but I think I've 'plateaued' at the gym. So, from what I've seen of the P90X stuff I'm going to give that a go. They ask you to purchase a few things in conjunction with it, dumbbells, bands, chin up bar... so yea, I think I've got it in me I just need to do the right things. :D

    Think I'll purchase dumbbells with the P90X stuff...
    Mate, if you're just starting why don't you just get the Bands - you can do all the dumbbell and chin-up exercises with only those. They provide a huge range of resistance depending how you use them.

    If you want to step it up later, then pick up some cheaper dumbbells from Argos. Same goes for a chin-up bar.
    I guess that would hurt a lot less in the wallet if I didn't stick with it. Can you recommend any reasonably priced bands? Those bodylastics ones are pretty expensive :-/
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