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    The fat pretty much comes off where ever doesn't really matter too much how you exercise.

    But to get a decently toned muscle body shape you need a well rounded workout - toning on machines in the gym can be as little as 20 mins three times a week. (I am not including fitness/cardio here).

    Also cut out white carbs as much as possible(but not completely or you will crash during exercise), so no to ALL bread eat less spuds, say no to all processed foods and ready meals (eating clean), less sugar, less pasta and, no crappy cereal, (eat bran or rolled oats) no pastry.

    Eat berries, strawberries, cherrys, raspberries and apples will curb hunger pangs/snacking urges.

    Apples are great for curbing hunger pangs, the body can take up to 15 mins before realising it has had a snack so hang on before reaching for that second snack.

    Eat lean protein only such as chicken - NO PROCESSED MEAT.

    Drink water before meals and a pint of it every morning

    I do 3 hours a day in the gym 5 days a week and an hour swimming at weekend, but you don't need to do anywhere near that to be healthy.

    Also try using something like 'my fitness pal for tracking food', read about how food affects your body and how companies trick you into eating rubbish to make money.

    Dont expect to lose it quickly you can often hit a plato while your body adjusts. Loosing more than 2 lb a week can be dangerous the last stone might shit at less than 1/2 a lb a week, so you need to shock train your body by changing your work out.

    By the way done on the weight loss.

    I am not spell or grammar checking this I am a little drunk!!!!

    PS stay away from crap like weight watchers.

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