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    Zomoniac wrote:
    Psychotext wrote:
    Zomoniac wrote:
    Quite often when stepping in from the balcony I'll just fall into the living room. It's quite hilarious really, I just appear to be a massive spaz. I'm not, honestly.
    You're like one of those goats that gets startled and just falls over. :D
    Pretty much :D I have a beanbag just opposite my spot on the sofa for when I stand up from my seat and just fall forwards :)
    I was thinking about videoing the next workout Zo does and posting it up on here for everyone to enjoy. I sat, eating my breakfast, watching him do it and it made for some fantastic morning entertainment.

    I just did day 3 of p90x (the shoulders and arms one) during which Zo asked if I needed any lube. I'm worried about what he does on HIS workouts now...
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