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    @craigy good luck at BMF - it's been a while since I went, but I don't think there's any Pro tips needed.

    Everything is scaled well enough, but you might need to pace yourself a little as you're often doing sprints, but no-one really really sprints so if you do you might have a hard time keeping up later in the session, but it's no big deal.

    I would say do the fitness assessment in your first month as it's really interesting to track your progress (especially with all the online graphs etc).

    Also - there's an old thread on it too.

    Finally - 'tis the perfect time of year to start as it's cool enough to be more fun, there tends to be fewer people after summer so you get more attention and it's dark so if you're a bit nervous / embarrassed you don't need to worry about being gawped at by random members of the public.

    And hopefully you'll get to enjoy a snow filled session at the end of the year - rolling monster snowballs uphill in Preston Park to make snowmen in a team race was the most fun session I remember.
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