#9404895, By jamievilla Exercise advice and weight loss

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    Ok. I'm almost pre-cringing at asking this question but here goes.

    As a total noob to any major exercise stuff (used to play a lot of sport in my early 20s) but now in my early 30s and not in great shape (18stone / 6ft).

    Have begun sorting out diet and have dropped about a stone in a month, but really want to get into some sort of regular exercise that doesn't require the gym.

    Now (here comes the cringy question) I've been seeing stuff about this insanity program which looks interesting, I don't expect the whole ripped look at all - but a program which is regular, hard but relatively short each day and I can do at home is very appealing. Don't have a massive amount of time to do anything so it may well be a good starting point to getting my lazy arse to do something.

    Is it a good idea? Would I kill myself in the first week - has anyone on here done it?
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