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  • Deleted user 21 June 2013 16:31:12
    smoothpete wrote:
    I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do this 10k 45 minute thing. I just did 5k at the right pace, but I had to do it in two 2.5k batches as I was fucking dying. Absolutely dripping with sweat. Maybe I should concentrate on doing the distance at a slower pace first then work back from that?
    Mix it up. Do the full length at your usual pace but throw in a few very short bursts of "give it all you got" (overly easy way of explaining fartlek).

    For some runs just go out and do fast repeats of a much shorter distance (say, 500m) at the pace you need for your actual target. If you can't hit the required pace at the short distance (2:15 for 500m, 4:30 for 1km) then your full length goal is out of the question for a little while
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