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    X201 wrote:
    gazra wrote:
    X201 wrote:
    The lag was horrendous last night. Tried helping someone from this thread with 2X levels but the game became unplayable. Then the whole thing went down and I couldn't sign on to it after that.

    I know its supposed to be P2P but there's something wrong at Sony's end.

    It was me you were helping the lag was bad indeed,cheers for your time though much appreciated.

    all i need now are the 4x bits on the dancers court and the collecters lair and the 3x bit on the bunker.

    I couldn't time the jumps at all, everything was happening 2 to 3 seconds after I wanted it to. eg. Press left and character stands still and then starts moving 3 seconds later. meaning that the block I thought I was going to land on had had already vanished :-/

    Invite me if you need the others sorting.

    I managed the Collectors Lair with two other players and with myself operating 2 controllers on my console.

    thanks,i also have two controllers so we could do them with just the two of us
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