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    Just picked up a nice cheapo copy of this after trading in my original copy about a year ago for reasons I don't remember.

    Anyway, is there much to purchase add-on wise on PSN? Anything I should look out for?


    As it also doesn't state this on Wikipedia, I will say this here so no one else is fooled like I was:

    The God of War minipack doesn't include the Kratos costume!

    That's why the costume column has got N/A in it with the Kratos costume listed separately above it with a description in the right hand column stating that its a "Stand alone costume"

    Oh yes. Perhaps I should've looked at it properly. Ignore my post then.
    Hadn't known about the Wikipedia link when I downloaded, but then I was kind of expecting it to be in there. You do get three costumes in the pack, just not the Kratos one.

    lol - I suggest you try the official list, wikipedia can only ever be one step behind (or at least, you'd think that anyway)

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